How I Became a Berkshire escort

After I had finished what can only be described as a successful bikini model career, I wanted to get back home to the UK. It was great living in the US, but not matter how hard I tried to fit in, it felt a bit like an alien country to me. Sure, like I said to my friend who worked for Berkshire escorts in, I loved all of the attention that I got from American guys, but it felt a bit artificial when I sat down and thought about it and I really just wanted to get back home to the UK.


I had made rather a lot of money as a bikini model in the US, and I knew that I could afford to buy something back in the UK. But there was one thing that put me off leaving the US. The weather was so much better and I loved being in Los Angeles. I had a lovely condo as the American call them, and it was not very far from the beach. My friend who worked for Berkshire escorts had been out to see me, and she could not believe that I did not need to turn on the heating even in December.


One morning as I was cycling down the little by the beach, I started to think about what it would be like to live back in the UK. Yes, the weather would be horrible and I was not sure that I was ready to leave the Californian sunshine at all. Living would not be as easy. Like my friend from Berkshire escorts had pointed out, living in the US seemed a lot easier and I was very reluctant to give it up to be fair. I really had everything that I needed but I was still missing my English friends and family.


When I came back home from my ride out, I got my lap top and started to check out properties in and around Berkshire. I certainly wanted to head back for Ascot as I rather liked the area. It was not cheap, but I did have enough cash in the bank to buy a place just for me. Hopefully I would be able to meet a nice guy would enjoy the company of a former bikini model. But what would I do for a living? Perhaps I could get a job with Berkshire escorts and work as an escort in Ascot.


Over the next couple of months I worked my socks off with the modelling agency. I was worried that I would not be able to get a job, and at the same time, I could use the money as a small retirement put when I got back to the UK. I left a sunny Califfornia in October and ended up back in Ascot where I found my own place. Fortunately I did not need to spend all of the extra money I had got together in my last couple of months in California. I got a job for Berkshire escorts, but I have to admit that I still miss California. One day, I may go back but then again, I don’t know. I have really met some nice gents since I started to escort for the escort agency in Berkshire.

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